Mesoamerican Reef In Belize, Beautiful Scuba Diving And Fishes

Beautiful, is one word that we can give to this place, interesting is one word to the attractiveness of this place, natural beauty is one of the attraction, this place is the Mesoamerican Reef. Maybe we who do not know this place, would think that this is an island or beach name, but actually it is a sea area that extremely very beautiful. We could even see a variety of colorful corals lot of the surface of the water, because almost the entire region is filled with sea water is very clear with the colors blue and green. We can find this beautiful spot near the Caribbean Sea, Belize, Mexico. This sea area if we notice is a rocky area that is within a region. These rocks make this area into a barrier reef in the world, to the west, not surprisingly, if noticed this beautiful reef areas even reach an area of ​​about 700 miles.

 Mesoamerican Reef
Even more remarkable, in the shallow coral reefs that there are many species of living marine creatures, from fish pretty colorful to turtles and sharks. To be a tourist, the nearest land of the Mesoamerican Reef that we can say with some sort of coastal mangrove trees, providing several restaurants and a habitat for some species of fish around the rock. For some land animals also one population of the sea, are several species of shorebirds. Of course, without providing other entertainment, this place has incredible natural wealth around, hence this place to be one of the major tourist destinations of the most famous in Mexico.

Mesoamerican Reef Map
There, according to some surveys that have been done to some, there are 60 types of hard corals of different shapes and colors, to fish populations, there are about 500 species of fish of different colors, types, sizes and shapes. For other sea dwellers are also increasingly filled by a population of sea turtles, sea turtles and sharks and some whales. Well, of course, a vacation there is something fun, we can see a variety of beautiful fish and big fish like a whale if we're lucky. we arrival there will also assist residents' income increased, as there is about 1 to 2 million people who occupy this region, and they survive by working around the reefs. Most locals livelihood as fishermen and farmers to meet their basic needs. The residents were also working together to preserve the natural beauty of this area, of the risk of damage to some of nature such as storms and hurricanes that occurred.
 Mesoamerican Reef scuba diving

Mesoamerican Reef Fish Wonderful Attractions

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  1. Yes, Belize is one of the exciting and adventurous tourist place especially in Summer. Ambergris Caye is my favorite holiday destination. I used to visit this place every summer and don't forget to take the advantages of scuba diving and fishing.



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