Seattle Washington It's Fastest Growing Cities Of United States

Seattle WashingtonIt is a major coastal seaport city and in the US state of Washington is the seat of king country. It is an estimated about 634,535 residents according to the survey as of 2012. In the Pacific Northwest region it is the largest city in North America and in the nation it is the one of the fastest growing cities. It is the metropolitan area around 4 million inhabitants and it is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the United States. And it is the largest 8th port in the United States and in the North America it is the 9th largest in terms of the container handling.
The word Seattle is deriving from the Indian name Sealth. It was the name of the chief of Suquamish tribe in the year 1851. It was located at latitude 47.39 N and longitude 122.17 approximately 90 air miles east of the pacific coastline, on the eastern shore of Puget Sound and 113 mile of the US Canadian border. It has 53.38 miles of salt water and 147.52 miles of fresh water shoreline and contains the total of 200.90 miles of shoreline. Puget Sound contains the 500 square miles of water, some 300 islands, and 1400 miles of shoreline. The maximum depth of 930 feet and the average depth are 205 feet. The average water temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Seattle Washington
Seattle Wonderful view
Seattle Washington

It contains so much beautiful view so there are many hotels made there. Hotel rooms are available in King Country 34,223 and they are also available in downtown Seattle 12,750 they also contain largest hotels-number of guestrooms name as Sheraton Seattle hotel and towers. If we talk about the education only 37.4% of people in Seattle contains the college degree according to the US census Bureau. The average climate temperature in this city according to the survey in Jan it is about 33.9 degree or 35 degree. In Feb. it contains 49.0 degree to 36.6 degree, in march 52.2 degree to 38.2 degree, in April it is about 57.5 degree to 41.3 degree, in may it is about 64.2 degree to 46.5 degree, in June 69.4 degree to 51.4 degree, in July it is 75.2 degree to 54.7 degree and so on so it contains very hot climate but a very important place for the United States.
Seattle Washington

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