Centre Pompidou High Tech Architecture Complex

Centre Georges Pompidou is a high-tech architecture complex in Beaubourg area near Les Halles, of the fourth arrondissement of Paris. It contains precious Bibliotheque publique information, Musee National d’Art Moderne, IRCAM and a huge library. Musee National d’Art Modern is the largest museum in Europe displaying modern art. IRCAM is the center for acoustic n music research. It was named after the President of France, Georges Pompidou. If we count, there were over 150 million tourists from all over the world and locals who visited the Center Pompidou since 1977.

Alexander Calder’s statue, Horizontal, is placed in front of the Pompidou permanently which is like 25 feet high.Andre Malraux gave the idea of a multicultural complex. Today Centre Pompidou acts as a nerve center of art and culture of French people. Musee d’Art Moderne was also transferred to the more appropriate location which is in the complex. There was a need of a public library too. Plateau Beaubourg also decided that the complex will be the new and permanent place for the library.
Centre Pompidou
It was designed by Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Franchini. Piano and Franchini were Italian while Richard Rogers was a British architect. The truth was that a competition was held and they awarded them the accolade of architecture design competition.

Centre Pompidou at evening time view
The Stravinsky Fountain which is nearby is featuring 16 fanciful and magical water spraying structures on the Stravinsky area. It was designed by Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely. A video footage can also be observed in a video footage which kept on appearing in the ‘ French in Action’,

There are many street performers at the front of museum near the fountain. Street performances, dances, mimes, jugglers are all common practice there. Mini carnivals are also arranged in the spring and hence millions of families with children visit this place. There are wide varieties in stars too. There are numerous bands, sketch artists caricature and restaurants. Also many skateboarding competitions occur.

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