Ruaha National Park, Tanzania Tourists Attraction Palce

As animal lovers, we should not miss the Ruaha National Park. It is a place that can be said as a giant zoo, which was made to protect some populations of wild animals. The park is located in one of the continent is very well known to many wild animals, namely Tanzania, Africa. Area is large enough for some of the animals in a variety of species, due to the vast area of ​​the park is approximately 22,000 km ². The park is named after the Ruaha National Parkas the name one of the rivers in it, called the Ruaha river. For people who like adventure in places associated with nature, or a person who likes to do out bond, this park can be a fun destination.

When we came to this place, we are offered an exciting experience and a step beyond the ordinary. You will find a place that does not even look like protected, but a spacious place was filled with wild animals all around us, if we are in it we will feel like being in the wild that have not been touched at all technologies. Of course, with an atmosphere like that we'll get a pretty exciting safari experience. Inside it you will also be able to find some rivers in use as a source of life for the animals there, between the rivers, there are rivers Mwagusi, Jongomero and Mzombe. Also there are some water source therein.

Ruaha National Park Animals
Most of these rivers also have some populations therein, such as hippos, fish and crocodiles have always spent a lot of time in the water. And when the dry season comes, some land animals like elephants will try to knock down some trees to get water in the under the ground. Things like this, even we can see directly there. Among some populations there, for protected bird species in this park there are 571 species surrounding area, with some of the species of birds that are coming from outside Africa, were from Asia, Europe, Australia and Madagascar. In the Ruaha National Park there are also many who are also several species of protected plants, such as flowers red-billed hornbill Ruaha (Tokus ruahae).

For some species of terrestrial animals that we see are a lot of elephants, of course, the animal is very easy to see in this park, there are Kudu, wild dog, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, Elands, impala, lion, bat eared foxes and Jackals. For reptile species that we can see, there are crocodiles, poisonous snakes and non-poisonous, lizard, lizards and frogs Religion. For visitors who want to come to this place we will be offered a trip through the desert, some species of bird watching, picnics and spend the night in the middle of nature together with some other tourists.
 Ruaha National Park In Tanzania

 Ruaha National Park Map View

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