Le Marais An Ancient District In Paris, France

Le Marais is an ancient district located in Paris, France. It consists of many great archaeological and architectural works in buildings.

Outside Paris’s walls, church was built in 1240 at the north of Marais. The Order of the Temple renovated the area by constructing de Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, church of Sainte Catherine du Val des, des Blancs Manteaux and des Carmer Billettes convent.Since the time of 17 century, Marais had always been the favorite place of the royal families of France after King Henri IV constructed the Royal Square. French nobles made many extravagant houses, restaurants, mansions there. These included the popular Hotel Carnavalet, Hotel de Beauvais, Hotel de Sens, Hotel de Sully and Hotel de Soubise.
After the war, district was protected and conserved by General de Gaulle’s Culture Minister by making it first safeguarded sector. And hence Marais holds a very special place culturally. A rehabilitation Policy was being carried out which meant that the Hotels were being converted to museums. For example Hotel Donon is now Cognac-Jay Museum, Hotel Carnvalet became Paris Historical Museum and last but not the least is the western site of Marais, Beauboirg, which became Centre Georges Pompidou. Centre Georges Pompidou is among the world’s most important cultural institutions and is France’s National Museum of Modern Art.
 Le Marais fantastic attraction
The Marais nowadays consists of art galleries, fashionable restaurant, up-to-the-minute fashion residencies and hype galleries.

There is also a Chinese community in Marais living after War. They have a business mostly in jewelries and leather stuff. The Old Paris also consists of the House of Nicolas Flamel, Musee Carnavalet, Café Charlot, and Musee Picasso. The streets of Marais are made of Cobbles and there are hidden courtyards as well as ivy covered galleries.Many ancient and painted window panes, glasses and antique vases can be found which are perfect in aesthetics. Artists and painters come from all around the world to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of art. The latest impersonification of incarnation of Le Marais as LGBTG hotspot keeps the place up to the date.
Le Marais Cafe

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