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Nicaragua consists of many volcanoes as well as lakes running from north to south. The place is also called as the country of Volcanoes and Lakes. There is a range of volcanoes in Nicaragua. Mostly the volcanoes leaves huge amount of smoke due to the volcanic eruptions that are there for more than thousand years now. The tourists who love to climb, are being offered great challenges here. The activities include the hiking in the wild forests, climbing up the roaring volcanoes, bathing in the crate lake.
The Volcano named Cosiguina is located somewhere at the northwest side of Nicaragua. The road to the Volcano Cosiguina is full of hard routes and challenging terrain. The status has, ever since 1835, remained to be Dormant. The volcano blowed away in Jamaica, as well as Mexico City in 1835. In geographical terms it is called as the Stratovolcano. Today the hole is totally water. One can experience a beautiful breath-taking view of the hiking trail that’s been provided in between the forest.If the view from the mountain is considered, the beautiful Gulf of Fonseca is at the one side whereas the Honduas and El Salvador are visible at the other side of the mountain.
Similarly ‘active’ status volcanoes can also be found. San Cristobal Volcano is the active one and there is a trail provided there for the hikers. San Cristobal Volcano Group consistently omit a gas in form of a smoke.
Telica Volcano is also a type of Stratovolcano with a real and challenging ascending through the terrain. The main activities include hiking. The latest eruption that was happened, took place in the Telica Volcano. The height of San Cristobal Volcano and Telica Volcano is almost the same. The duration for the hiking period would be nine to twelve hours approximately.

Nicaragua Beaches
Nicaragua beaches
Tourists can also experience a beach view with the Corn Island. There is a swimming beach that has green sea waters and golden beach sand. El Coco is the swimming waters where one can see turtles swimming. It is known as one of the best surf brakes.

Nicaragua City attraction

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