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 Tropical Beaches are situated at 60 kilometers at the south of Berlin. It is near the south of Halbe as well. The theme park was also made at the site which is just 70 meters above sea level. Tropical Islands were constructed by Tnajong – a Malaysian Corporation- which used to be an airship hangar called Aerium. Cargolifter AG owns the hall. It is 260 meters in length, 107 meters in height and 210 meters in width. It can capacitate up to 5.5 million meter cube and its cost was approximately EUR 78 million. This hangar is the largest one in the whole globe. It was made at first to protect the huge airships from the elements. The idea of a park was accepted in 2004 and the Tropical Islands were officially opened on 19th December 2004.

Tropical Beach

As much as 6000 tourists visit Tropical Island daily. In the first year of operation, it received nearly 975000 visitors approximately. What make it popular is the gentle waves, spectacular view of the sun and fully sun-drenched sand. It is home to the beautiful sea creatures and the village nearby is full of warm-hearted people. Other popular adventures are bicycling, shopping, boating, surfing, touring, snorkeling and indulging in many other creative traditional activities. The access to Tropical islands is through A13 motorway.

Tropical Islands is also a home to the largest rainforest in the world, a single beach, many tropical plants and many swimming pools and bars. Everything is open 24/7.
When entering the hall, tourists can chose any entrance according to their desire and budget. Tropical Island is further subdivided into two areas i.e. The Tropical World and Tropical Sauna n Spa Complex. There are water slides, golf course, evening shows, accommodation hotels and African Jungle Lift..

Tropical Beach
 The Tropical Village features traditional buildings from Samoa, Bali, Thailand and Bomeo. There are nearly 50,000 plants and 600 species few of them very rare. The tropical spa is a pool with the area of 4400 square meters that offers wooden sun-loungers
The other popular beach is situated off the east coast of the continent of Africa. These islands are called as the pure paradise. Seychelles are the perfect beaches, a dream place for many indeed. It consists of 115 islands which are offering breath-taking sceneries, sunrise and sunsets. The best time to pay a visit to these islands are from the month of May till September.
 Wonderful bed with Palm Tree in Tropical Beach

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