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Greek Islands are considered as the top holiday destinations of Europe. There are total of 1400
islands scattered in the sparkling Ionians Seas and Greek Aegean. When going for a Greek
island, there are over thousands of things to consider. There are about 227 inhabited Greek
Islands. Each Island offers a unique blend of exquisiteness and magnificence. The common
things are however sandy beaches, people soaking the sun, water sports, and a very active night
life. Some of the best islands are as follows.

Santorini is 40 minutes flight away from the Athens and one can even get a boat from Piraeus.
It is more of a postcard island. It has become lately very popular among tourists because of its
active night life. This island was exploded in 1500 BC. The air is very crisp and cold. It has the
best view overall.

Mykonos is the best for parties as most of the people know it. At the evening, the sun turns
the whole island into gold. There are white abstract houses at the narrow streets full of active
people. The sunshine on the island the whole day and music and parties and nights are worth

The most sophisticated island, unique in its own way, with rocky features and the largest natural
harbor in the whole world, is none other than Ithaca. The distinctive white coastline with crystal
waters makes the island beautiful.

Although it is said that there are no good cuisines available in Greek, that is not completely
true. Early morning, the aroma of marinated grilled fish will fill you up with hunger. The Greek
winemakers are known for their fine taste of Cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay. The Icarus
brand is an International award winner wine.

Milos Island is a utopia. Once in Milos was the Aphrodite of Goddess of love and beauty – The
Statue of Venus. The island does not seem to be one of the Greek island. It is crystal as white as

The island that is full of wild animals such as tigers is Tilos. Pygmy elephants and thousands of
species of birds can be seen here, more than any other island.

Nas is the best classical site having remains off temples and foundations built by ancient Greeks.
A real sense of beauty of quietness can be achieved sitting on the Artemision watching the sun as
it sets. Ancient marble stones can also be found lying on the bay.

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