Maldives Island Great Visit Place

Maldives IslandMaldives Island is located in the Indian Ocean which consists of about 26 atolls, Lying in
between Chagos Archipelago and Lakshadweep. It is a home for 300,000 tourists, and hence the
island accounts for 28 percent of the Gross Domestic Product.

The tourism became dependent on the fisherman since 1972. The official religion of the
Maldives is Islam. The laws are strict and based on Islamic Sharia.

The weather in Maldives is cold and is mostly affected by South Asian weather. The
ocean safeguards the island from heat. The temperature varies from 24°C to 33°C and humidity
is relatively very high.

It is popular for its variety in fishes. The variety of coral reefs, five species of sea
turtles, 1100 species of fish, and about 21 types of whales and dolphins were all sold out.

As you go from one atoll to other, language and looks of Maldivian people changes too.
The people of Maldives are mostly superstitious too. However the mixing of cast, creed and
cultures can be encountered today. Bodu Berun is the music being played at special ceremonies.
Maldivians are quite warm welcoming. Fisherman and their families lives on the proteins of a

The warm relaxing waters of Maldives are transparent throughout the year. Up to fifty meters pf
fishes swimming inside can be seen clearly. Imagine the beauty adding up with over 3000 coral
reefs creating world’s richest diving coral reef areas. The natural beauty of Maldives Island is
incomparable and natural.

Professional divers train people so that they could fully enjoy Maldives. Even the resorts give
training sessions for safety always comes first. The sunset is the most beautiful time of the day
on Maldives Island. Night diving is also beautiful and thrilling.

Maldives Island For Honeymoon

Last but not the least, It is known for providing world’s best and top backdrop for
the honeymooners. It is a magical island for newly wed couples and daring route to leave behind
all your worries and relax. Spa treatments are also given. Boats are being provided with nets to
catch the fishes. A once in a lifetime vacation on this island is worth spending your money


Maldives Island
Maldives Island Restoration
Maldives Island
Maldives Island Luxury place
Maldives Island
Maldives Island

Maldives Island

Maldives Island
Maldives Island
Maldives Island
Maldives Island Palm Tree

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