Death Valley National Park Eastern California

Death Valley is a desert valley situated inn east of California. It covers an area of 3,337,628.88 acres. It is known as the most dry and lowest area in America. The lowest point in North America is Bad-water Basin within Death Valley, which is 86 m below sea level. On the west is the Telescopic Peak, and Dante’s view lie in the east. Bad water is the lowest point (-94 m.)
in the western hemisphere. The place also is distinctive for its high temperatures, the highest being recorded in the world, which is 56.7 °C in 1913. According to a research, during the era of Pleistocene , there was a lake of 600ft depth instead of a death valley.

The highest rainfall was being recorded in 1913 as 4.5 inches. It also sets the record for the area with highest evaporation in world, and a record of temperature of above 100 degrees on consecutive days of 153. However in 2005, it received nearly four times the rainfall.

The Mojave national park of Death Valley contains more than 900 species of plants and herbs. It holds high importance if one see from geological, cultural, recreational, and ecological. The Valley has been declared as a National Monument, and measures had been taken to protect the area. The park is being visited by more than one million tourists each year. The visitors are interested in the simple history of desert, and the complexity of geology and wildlife biology.

The Inhabitants of valley belongs from a tribe namely Timbisha Shoshone. At the west of the Death Valley is formation of alluvial fans. When floods struck the valley, the water pours down from mountains, eroding and taking everything. These torrents eventually slow down making fans.

Other places to visit includes the famous Golden Canyon Interpretive trail, Little Hebe Crater Trail, Keane Wonder Mine Trail, Harmony Borax Works Interpretive, Salt Creek Interpretive, Gower Gulch loop(moderate hike), A natural Bridge and desolation Canyon, Badwater Salt Flat, Sand dunes, mosaic canyon, Titus Canyon Narrows, and Dante’s Ridge. The main road tour of picturesque sights takes at least one whole day.
The atmospheric pressure is also very high and unstable, and creating wind currents of hot air.

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