Georgia Aquarium in United States

Georgia Aquarium Whale Fish The Georgia Aquarium consists of variety of specie. As many as 120,000 animals representing 500 species reside here. There is 8.5 million gallons of fresh water being used. It was opened in 2005 and is the World’s largest Aquarium. Thanks to Bernard Marcus, without his financial assistance, the Georgia Aquarium was built. He donated $250 million which were the basis. The popular and most distinguished samples consists of 4 Beluga Whales, 4 Manta Rays, 4 Whale Sharks and 11 bottle-nose Dolphins.

The Aquarium consists of 100,000 to 120,000 fishes representing approximately 500 variety of species. It was originally made in order for the exhibition of whale shark. These were specially imported from Taiwan. Great hammerhead is being displayed only in two places. When it was displayed in Georgia, it was being made into two. Beluga whales are about three meters. The male ones were being introduced to the females on the breeding grounds.

Manta Rays are usually caught by the South African side. In 2008, they entered the Ocean Voyager. Among the other four sites, Aquarium is displaying the manta ray. Nandi was a manta ray and the 2nd manta ray was names Tallulah who was added in Sept 09. He joined billi (female) in 2010 and later by a 265 pounds another male.

Georgia Aquarium Wonderful View
The other attractive features are the Atlanta, a 4-D theatre, World class veterinary services, learning loop and conservation medicine facility. A new Dolphin gallery has been made which is featuring the vast society of dolphins which can be viewed from a window and also a remarkable musical theatrical show which will show the strong bond that the humans and dolphins are sharing.  
Georgia Aquarium consists of separate galleries that are arranged around a middle atrium. Among them are the Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Georgia Explorer, Tropical Diver and Cold Water Scout. These tanks contain a diverse variety of otters, sharks, penguins, electric eels, seahorses, rays, whales, crabs, sea stars etc.
Georgia Aquarium is the world biggest aquarium In united states
The Ocean Voyager tank is the largest and biggest habitat which is holding approximately ¾ of aquarium’s water. The length of tank is 263 feet long, having a width of 126 and a depth of 33 feet. It is holding nearly six millions gallons of water. There is a moving belt which takes people on a hundred foot acrylic tunnel under the tank showing them all the underground life. The tanks are using form of artificial light except the coral reef and beluga whale habitat, they are receiving form of natural light.
Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium

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