Sydney Aquarium One of the Greatest Aquariums in the world

Fantastic Dream AquariumSydney Aquarium offers breath-taking journey through sea life. It is located in the city of Sydney
in New South Wales, Australia. It is at the north of Pyrmont Bridge and at the east of Darling
Harbor. It is currently a member of WAZA ( World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and
ZAA ( Zoo and Aquarium Association) 14 new theme zones are introduced which includes
Discovery Rock pool, Mangrove swamps, South Coast shipwreck, Tropical Bay of Rays,
Dugong island, and the latest striking acrylic glass tunnel walk-through Shark Valley.

It displays over 70 exhibits of 700 different species, more than 6000 fishes and 13000 animals.
The aquarium contains water of about six millions liters. It is one of the largest aquariums of
the world displaying unseen varieties of rays and sharks, and the most popular marine animals
of Australia such as Penguins. The most impressive collection includes elusive platypuses,
stingrays, jellyfish, gorgeous sea horses, rare dugongs, huge turtles and much more. The
dugongs are among the world’s rarest species, available in Sydney Aquarium. The little Penguins
are the smallest ones in the world. They are also popular by the name of Blue or Fairy Penguins.
These creatures are the northern most species of penguins in the world.

It was designed by the architects of Australia in form of a wave, the theme resembling the
underwater. In 1998, the Great Barrier Reef complex was being opened. 55% of its visitors are
tourist from overseas. The building cost around $30 million whereas the Great Barrier Reef
Complex took nearly $14 million.

A seal Sanctuary was being opened featuring Australian sea lions, Fur seals, Subantartic Fur
Seals and the New Zealand Fur Seals. It is merged with the southern Oceans Exhibit and display
little penguins too.

Similarly, Great Barrier Reef Complex was opened which comprises of coral atoll, touch pool
and a live coral cave and a huge oceanarium. The water is kept at the temperature of 25 °C. A
Lego exhibit was opened on 22 December 2010.

The Aquarium has also provided facilities to universities and scientific centers for researches for
the protection of sea life. The aquarium opens from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. There are some really good
cafes and gift shops for families. The area around has a great nightlife too.
  Wheal Fish in Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium  

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