Tour to Sydney most Popular City of Australia

Sydney, the state capital is the most popular, oldest city of Australia with population of 4.6
million sydneysiders and hence every annum an average of 2.7 million international visitors are
welcomed here from around the world. It is situated on the south-east coast of Tasman Sea in a
rain-shadow zone under Blue Mountains. The city itself is built on hills and mountains which
surrounds Port Jackson generally known as Sydney Harbor.

Sydney has hosted many International Sporting events and so it is often ranked in world class
cities. Museums, Art galleries, gardens, parks and beaches are all worth sightseeing.

When we say Sydney, the most attractive and crowd pleasing institutions include the
renowned ‘Opera House’. It consists of five main halls, one concert hall and drama theater. It has
become world’s third busiest opera.

Natural Beauty of Sydney Harbor

Millions of tourists visit Sydney to adore and appreciate the natural beauty of Sydney Harbor.
The adventure comprises of ferries, cruises, speedy boats around the bay and at the end of day,
a relishing dinner sitting at the AMP tower, which keeps on rotating to give you an all-around

Sydney Harbor Bridge- eighty years’ old- challenges climbers from around the world to enjoy
the scenic view from a different and unique perspective. One of the most iconic features of the
city also includes Bondi Beach, a perfect sun- bathing place in summers.

The best part of Sydneysiders is that they are hospitable, welcoming and their love for outdoors
makes the city ‘alive’. The culture has been designated as unpremeditated, straight forward,
challenging and sociable. Intermixed with traditions of European and Aboriginal customs, its
culture is rich in performing arts, cinema, literature, sports, films and recreation. The city has
contributed majorly in music, with its history enriched with artistic communities and world-
known musicians. Another aspect is the dance of the natives, with creative style and steps
differentiating from other cultures. The night life in city is also very busy, with pubs and clubs
throughout the city.

Lifestyle in Sydney

Fresh, local produce of sea can always be accessed and are turned into appetizing, finger licking
dishes by acclaimed chefs. The exciting gourmet dinner with best class wine is bliss, no doubt!

Exploring the bird and wildlife (kangaroos too of course!) acts as another magnet for hunters
around the globe. The Blue Mountains at the surrounding seemed grandiose, offering bushwalk,
horse riding, hiking or calling for a visit at World heritage Plaza Echo Point with cable car.

Last but not the least, Eight months of summers are not complete without mentioning the Sydney
Festival organized annually, proposing all family programs, international performances, outdoor
concerts, theater and circus performances arranged for locals and foreigners.
Sydney attraction
Sydney opera house
Sydney skyline view

Sydney bridge night view
Sydney wonderful city of Australia

Sydney Australia
Sydney Australia

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