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A botanical garden is an area which displays a huge variety of plants, herbs, trees and flowers,
each labeled with their botanical names. These gardens are established for the sake of education
and research. These are managed and maintain by their own respective universities, scientific
research laboratories, herbaria and museums. These areas are strictly looked upon for protection
in cities and highly-populated areas.

The idea was being drawn in 16th century from the popular Physic Garden made in Europe
during the Italian Renaissance. Physic gardens main purpose was for the growth of herbs
for medicinal purposes. History tells us that Aristotle used have his own personal garden at
Athens for the education in Botany subject. Hence the idea was being taken by the Father of
Botany, ‘Theophrastus’ who was his student.

They may contain a unique and distinct plant collection depending upon the needs. These
gardens can also be greenhouses made to protect the environment.
Visits scheduled at botanical gardens might include educational trip of schools and colleges,
plant exhibitions, book rooms and a theatrical venue for musical performances or a wine party
The main purpose is to collect and analyze the data of living species of plants for further
researches. As a result, many institutes have developed more interest in the idea of creating a
botanical garden and hence major developments were being seen in the fields of horticulture
and botany. These gardens also highlight the need for the conservation of plant species and their
These gardens act as museums attracting families and medical students to enjoy the exquisiteness
and calmness of a green view. They also act as a nest to many of the innate birds and insects to
return to the city.
There are about 1800 botanical gardens in the world, out of which maximum in European
countries. There are nearly 230 botanic gardens. Nearly 150 million tourists visit these gardens
per annum contributing to the economy of the tourism sector of their respective countries.
In 1954, an International Association of Botanic Gardens was formed to overlook the
development in this sector. Furthermore, the need to conserve plants and their heritage value is
being treated urgent. Separate gardens were being established at certain areas to give importance
to their native and homegrown trees.

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