Cool Vacation Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California

The Disney land resort is more commonly known as Disneyland is situated in Anaheim, California under
the Walt Disney Company. It consists of three hotels, a shopping mall, restaurant, 100-acre parking lot,
two theme parks and an entertainment area – Downtown Disney.


The resort was established by Walt Disney himself in 1950s. The entire complex was embraced during
Disneyland Resortthe expansion of the resort and hence it was named as the Disneyland Resort. The hotel was built so that
the visitors of Disneyland could stay overnight who travelled long distances. The president of Resort is George Kalogridis.

The resort also provides a private security staff for the protection of assets and interests. They handle all
guest issues such as personal property damage (PPD). It has its own fire department known as Disneyland
Resort Fire Department.

Facilities in Disneyland

The staff of the resort is super friendly and courteous. Rooms are comfortable, with a tinge of beach
environment and a cozy d├ęcor. It provides free Wi-Fi, TVs with DVD players in every room and a large
collection of DVDs, free buffet style breakfast every morning, free beach towels, chairs and boogie
boards for a day at beach, and a roof patio.

The newly renovated rooms features six exhilarating Disney themed rooms which includes the popular
Mickey, Cars, Pirates, toy story, Princesses and Finding Nemo. A lobby space has been allocated for
Disney kids only.
Disneyland Resort Tourist place
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort at Night

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Where is it

It is situated south of downtown Anaheim, a border of Garden Grove. Ball Road,
Katella Avenue, Walnut Street and Harbor Boulevard bound the resort at north, south, west and east
respectively. The address of the Disneyland resort is 1313, South Harbor Boulevard.
Disney Resort
Disneyland Resort in California

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