Beautiful Luxor Thousands of international Tourists arrived there!

Luxor is the most popular tourist destination in Egypt. Since the beginning, the place always
acted as a magnet for many of the tourists and travelers. One may refer to it as World’s greatest
open air museum. The reason however is its ancient preservation.

The area covers the city of Luxor, Thebes (Waset) at the west side of Nile and Karnal at the
north. Sharia al-Mahatta, Sharia al-Karnak and Corniche are the three streets of Luxor.

More commonly known as the city of Thebes (place of hundred gates), it remained as the capital
of Egypt from 1991 BC. Ramses started his building ideas from this place, and so did Thutmose
III reached for his goals. The stone build temples are symbols of the great history of Egypt, the
history of gods.

Currently 150,000 people are living in Luxor. The city is being governed under some set of rules.
From hotels, bars, restaurants to nightclubs, Luxor has all the comforts and facilities available
for tourists. The traditional bazaars and greenery can also be found everywhere in spite of the

One of the first places to visit when you are in the city is the Temple of Luxor. It is located at the
south of Sharia al-Karnak, and was built by Amenophis III. Entering the temple, one can see the
Roman chapel of burnt brick that was being dedicated to the god Serapis. The dromos are also
found at the front, well-preserved.

The Muslims often go to the oldest mosque of Luxor – The El-Mekashkesh Mosque. It contains
the remains of an Islamic saint and is a well-known place for pilgrimage.

Boating trip on the west bank is a special treat for Egyptians. It has its own special meaning. The
Valley of Kings attracts people with ancient tombs on the way. Overall the city has been divided
by the Nile in two parts i-e East and West Bank. One side represented Life, while the other was
the symbol of death in past.

Luxor Climate

The climate is hot and warm, with the temperature in winters around 26°C, while in summers the
maximum of 39°C. Thousands of tourists from all around the world arrive each year to stay and
encounter one of the best histories, with the ancient monuments, Valley of the Kings, Valley of
the Queens and hence contributing a huge share towards the economy of Egypt.
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