Travel To Changbaishan In China Best Time To Vsit Is September.

ChangbaishanChangbaishan consists of two different areas i.e. Western slope and The Northern Slope. It covers a total area of 2000 square km approximately. It is a part of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Program. Also known as the Changbai Mountains National Reserve is actually a mammoth natural zoo and a botanical garden. The six local natural wonders include the Vertical scenery, Hot springs, waterfalls, Tianchi Lake, and Aerial Park also. All the location is a package for tourists out there who want to visit the Changbaishan.

The mountains have been considered as the roots for the Korean and Manchurian cultures, the mountain was offensive for the Chinese. Chang Bai Shan stands for the Eternally White Mountain. This Mountain is the longest peak in Northeast China and is an inactive volcano containing a lake known as Tianchi Lake. This lake is the foundation of the River of Songhua. If we recall the latest eruption, it took place in 1702 A.D.

There is flora and fauna at the footsteps of the mountain. Chang Bai Larch is the best example of flora. There are nearly 80 trees with about 300 extraordinary medicinal plant species.
The best time to visit the mountains is during September.
Tian Chi or the Heaven Lake is the highpoint of Changbaishan. It is a deep intense blue volcanic crater lake which is being bordered by 16 mountains. This lake is the boundary line in between China and North Korea. The mountain is one of the five Holy Mountains of Korea.
There are natural hot springs where tourists can feel the natural spa treatment. One can enjoy a bath un the bathhouse as the spring water is so boiling that it can even boil an egg.
Changbaistan fantastic natural beauty
Green Deep Pool is a pond that is being bordered by the cliffs and trees. There is a waterfall cascading down into the pool.
There is an underground forest which is a 30 min walking trail being filled with trees. Similarly there is also a trail available alongside the Silver Ring Lake also known as the Small Sky Pond.
Changbaishan awesome place for visit
Changbaishan China

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