Burgos A Remarkable City Of Spain

BurgosBurgos is a city of North of Spain. It used to be the capital of Castile. It is located at the convergence of Arlanzon river tributaries. The population in the city is approximately 180,000 with 20,000 residing in the metropolitan area. The Cathedral of Burgos was being declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984. The parks which lie at the borders of the city are Paseo de la Isla Parks and Fuentes Blancas.

The noble men who are still remembered includes a military leader Castilian Nobleman and El Cid Campeador, they were both part of Burgos ancient history.
In 2010, The Museum of Human Evolution was opened across the globe and is now ranked among the top most-visited museums in Spain. The city has also been chosen as a Spanish Gastronomy Capital of 2013.
It has a rich and diverse natural history with vibrant colors of churches and convents. The most prominent ones are the chapel of the Condestables de Castilla, the Carthusian monastery of Miraflores and themonastery of Las huelgas.

Burgos City
The octagonal chapel has a roof finished bordered towers, statues and pinnacles. There is a group of shields, arms and bowing lions together in the lower portion. The construction had begun since the pre-Gothic style and ever since then , every style has been added to the remarkable city.
Burgos Spain
The Carthusian monastery of Miraflores Charterhouse is located approximately 4 kms away from the center of the city. St. Bruno wooden statue is one of the treasures of the Charterhouse. The wooden choir used to stand on the stage of the church. Another important feature is of course the mausoleum of King Jon II and his wife Isabelle who belonged to Portugal. Everything was badly destroyed during the War of Independence which took place in 1814. The soldiers of France cut the heads of the statues and maimed the works of the architecture.
Burgos Fantastic attraction

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