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Taiwan is a beautiful country that presents an inspiring contrast between the old and new. Although it is a small country but there is much to see and do here. There are exotic beaches, majestic mountains and refreshing vegetation all around the country. The capital city of Taiwan, Taipei is a unique place and it is one of the most visited places in Taiwan. It is the home to ancient temples, museums and monuments. There is a jade market in the city and numerous hotels that can serve delicious foods. Apart from Taipei there is one more place you have to visit when you are in Taiwan and that is the Sun Moon Lake.

Located in Yuchi, Nantou the Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan with an impressive area of 8km sq. The maximum depth of the lake is 27km. The lake belongs to one of the Aboriginal tribes called Thao. There is an island in the middle of the lake by the name of Lalu that is considered sacred by the tribesmen. The tourists can learn more about the culture and traditions of the tribe by visiting the cultural village near the lake. The lake is immensely beautiful and the area around is also very breath-taking. It is named the Sun Moon Lake because it is said that the west side of the lake resembles the moon and the east side resembles the sun. There are some temples around the lake as well that are worth visiting.

Sun Moon Lake Wonderful attraction
Swimming in the lake is not allowed but there is a special event organized every year called the Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake. It is 3km swimming race and held around Mid-Autumn Festival. Every year thousands of people take part in this competition. It is popular among both tourists and natives.
Taiwan Nature it's a beautiful country
If you are thinking of taking a break from your busy routine and visiting an exotic place with your family, then Taiwan is the place to go. You and your family would definitely have fun in this small yet wonderful country. Especially if you are a fan of nature you would feel like you have trespassed in the heaven.
Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake

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