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In the West Indies Dominican republic is. It occupies the eastern two thirds of the island of Hispaniola which it is a part with Haiti. With Vermont and New Hampshire its area is equal which is combined. It is about 10,417 ft which is the highest point of the West Indies. Their government is representative democracy. Their president is Danilo Medina from August 2012. Its land area is about 18,680 sq mi and total area approximately is 18,815 sq mi. Its population is about 10,088,598. Its capital is Santo Domingo. Its monetary unit is Dominican Peso.
In the year 1492 the Dominican Republic was explored by Columbus on his first voyage. The first viceroy was Diego and the capital was founded in the year 1496 and it is the oldest European settlement in the Western Hemisphere. In the year 1795 Spain ceded the colony to France and Haitian conquered it in the year 1801. In the year 1814 Spain regained the title to the colony. Spanish rule was over thrown in the year 1821 but by the Haitians the colony was reconquered in the year 1822 and in the year 1844 the Dominican Republic was established and Haitians was thrown out.

Dominican Republic
The Dominican was headed by Pedro Santana. In the year 1978 the army was suspended after a warning from President Jimmy Carter.  In Aug 2000 Hoplite Mejia was elected President but in May 2004 in presidential elections he was defeated by former President Lionel Fernandez and again was re elected on May 16, 2008 taking 53% of the vote. By the marines sergeant in the Dominican army trained and in year 1961 established a dictatorship that lasted until his assassination 31 years later. Juan Bosch of the Leftish Dominican Revolutionary Party became the first democratically in year 1962 elected president in four decades.
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Medina took over for Lionel Fernandez on August 16 2012 who has been president for 12 of the last 16 years. His wife Margarita Cede no will serve as Medina’s vice president. He is eligible and expected to run for another term in 2016. This is some little information about Dominican Republic.
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