Dubai Museum Cultural And Historical Project

Over the last few years Dubai has become one of the most visited holiday spots in the world. The weather is mild throughout the year, there is much to see and enjoy and the stay at luxury hotels is to die for. If you are planning to go to Dubai for your next vacation you would surely visit all the famous places such as Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall and the Hatta Village. But if you want to see the culture and history of this modern city then there is no place like the Dubai Museum for it. You and your family would definitely enjoy a visit to the Museum.
The building in which the museum is located is known as the Al Fahidi Fort. The building itself is of historical significance. It was built more than 200 years ago to defend the city from invaders from the nearby tribal areas. The fort was converted into the museum in 1970 so that it can tell the history of the place to all those who visit Dubai. There are numerous exhibits in the museum that depict the story of how this small fishing town in the desert became a large metropolitan city.

Dubai Museum interior view
There is much about the history and the life of early residents as well. There are many artefacts that show the traditions and customs of the early inhibitors. There are weapons, jewels, relics and traditional instruments that were used by people who once resided in the area. There are even exhibits of scales and weights that were used by the pearl traders of the past.
Dubai Museum
The main attraction in the museum is the grave that was found in Al Qusaias that dates back to 3000-4000 years back. Apart from the local artefacts there are also exhibits that display items imported from African and Oriental countries that once traded with Dubai.  There are numerous life-sized dioramas that display the glorious days of past. The place is filled with rich history and there is much you can learn about it just from a single visit. So don’t forget to go to the this wonderful Museum when you go to the beautiful city of Dubai.

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