Elafonisi Beach Wonderful Place For Trip

 Elafonisi BeachCrete is famous for its beautiful beaches. Elafonisi beach is one of its beautiful beaches which are located in the southwest of Crete. The soil of the island is pinkish in some parts due to a large number of broken shells in the soil. The beach is about 1.5 hours ride away from Chania. The beach is well developed and the eastern side has many restaurants and other public places. It is a great place to go with your family and many tourist head out there every year to enjoy the scenic beauty and interesting history.

The island is also famous for its history which goes back to Greek times. The Greeks built the temple of Apollo and the temple of Ino, the daughter of Kadmos. 5km north of the beach is a monastery, called the “Monastery of Panagia Chrisoskalitissa”. There is a legend about the monastery that its last step is made of gold but can only be seen by those who truly believe in God. The island was also once occupied by pirates. That is why the island is named “Elafonisi”, meaning “Treasure Island” in Greek, because of the treasure the pirates left here. Thus, this island is an amazing place for adventure seekers. If you are lucky, you might even find some long lost, buried treasure on the island!

 Elafonisi Beach
 Elafonisi Beach
The island also has tragic events that occurred here. Once about 600 women and children and some combatants were killed by Turks. The people were taking refuge on the island hoping to escape the enemies, but they were discovered because of a donkey that went looking for its master.  A monument has been built in the memory of the incident. On 22nd February 1907, a passenger steamer called the Imperatrix was wrecked on the island and 38 people died who were trying to reach the island in a life boat and were buried there.
A large wooden cross commemorates the event and the ship is still lying on the sea bed. It was the reason a lighthouse was built on the island which was later destroyed by the Germans and the ruins still stand on the island and are a major tourist attraction.  Structured annuity settlement on this beach are available.
Thus, the beach does not only have natural beauty but is also famous for its interesting history. Thus it would be a wonderful place to go on a trip to.
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  2. Elafonisi defiantly worth place to visit. I visited a beach few years ago and still can't forget my impressions. Here you can find my pictures of this wonderful place http://www.go-2-nice-places.com/2012/06/elafonisi-beach.html Hope you will like it. :)



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