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The Cayman Island is a British Territory situated in the western Caribbean Sea. It consists of three islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. They are situated south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. These islands are a part of the geographic western Caribbean zone as well as the greeter Antilles. These islands are on Eastern Standard Time. They do not adjust for daylight saving time. Their currency is the Cayman island dollar. Their currency is tied to the US dollar and does not fluctuate from it. Their cash exchange rate is 1= 1.25.
There are various international banks in this island and their banking hour is normally 9 am to 4 pm and the ATM machines are situated on the island wide. If you want more information you can get more information on offshore financial service. Besides this there are telecommunication services such as Telecayman, Digicel, Cable, Cayman one, Cingular all provide you internet and telephone service access. From Cayman it is possible you can direct dial anywhere in the world.

Cayman Island Fantastic view
If we talk about their utilities their electricity is applied at 110 volts same as the United States and Canada. In this island there is a central supply of desalinated water. It is very safe to drink and bottle water can be purchased in the island from local stores.

They also provide you the medical care. They provide you local and private modern medical facilities. All the things are mandated by law which provide health insurance and share the expense with their employees.
Their weather is awesome in the winter season because of little rain, lots of sunshine and the trade winds generate a refreshing breeze. These months are best for the tourist’s season.

There are the same rules to follow such as alcohol legislation. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase alcohol Driving and drinking carries a heavy penalty. Their authorities have declared the islands a zero tolerance zone for drugs.

So these are some important things you should know about the Cayman Island before you make your trip. One thing is sure that you will get a good experience of it.
Cayman Island

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