Caracas The Capital Of Venezuela

If one of your vacation destination is visiting a famous land with very impressive landmark, beautiful nature view, so you must try to visit Caracas. It is a capital and largest city of Venezuela and located in a beautiful valley from an impressive mountain, Mount Avila. There are so many attractive choices to help you spent your holiday for all day. Don’t worry about stomach since they have excellent food, art and bustling nightlife that you can explore on whole of the city.

Because of its located in a valley, you may allow to do hiking of Mount Avila and enjoy the whole Caracas scene from above. Caracas is also popular with its culiner which have many various kind of food. Some restaurants there is inspired by cuinies of many different countries and cultures. A club which is known by people there and have a plenty of visitors is,La Mercedes and La Castelana, a popular late night hot spot. The visitor often visit it until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning after having party.

Things to do in Caracas

When you steping your feet in Caracas, you will not only fell happy by the natural parks like Avile National Park, Botanical Garden, East Park and Venezuela Fountain, but also its attractive events. So many impressive events that able to avoid you from bored such as ; Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex, a popular and symphonic concert of opreas, ballet, and theatre; Silmon Bolivar Birthplace House, a skycrapers of original colonial flavor which is propoetioned reconstruction and also include museum’s exhibit of period weapons, banners, and uniforms;  National Phanteon, the great Venezuela’s most venerated building located in five block north of Plaza Bolivar.

There’s also a public square that may be one of your important note on your list like; Plaza Bolivar, an old square that have a monument of Simon Bolivar on its middle yard; Plaza Venezuela, a large urban plaza at the entrance of the Central University of Venezuela which has a kinetic artists display; Plaza San Jacinto, a market of the city which is Sun’s clock found at the northwest part of the square.
If you get tired after traveling around Caracas city and explore its wonderful attractive place, you must be need a resting place. Al tough spending a holiday in Caracas isn’t include cheap for our poket, but the hotels here is guaranteed make you consider that it is good enough and balance with the price. The hotels you can find there are, Gran Melia, Pestana Caracas Hotel and Suit, JW Marriott, Eurobuiling, etc.

Since Caracas is a busy and noisy city, renting car may be the best way to remove your load. If your choice is by car, it is available in certain locations such as; Hertz Car Rental, available in the domestic and international terminals which open at Mon-Fry pm and Sat-Sun 6 pm-11.3 pm. or Budget Car Rental, Mon-Fry 8am-12pm and Sat-Sun 1.30pm-11pm.

 Caracas Venezuela At night time

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