Rotating Tower - Dymanic Architecture In Dubai

Dubai is become one of favorite place to spent holiday. Now, by the presence of high tech modern tower, called as Dynamic Tower, World has seen Dubai as cool developed country. After some attractive buildings provided there like Burj Al Arab, Khalifa Tower, Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort, etc, now it is the turn for Dynamic Tower or people usually called as Rotating tower. From the word “rotating” surely make our curiosity coming up again. What is it mean or what is make it more unique than the other tower around the world? Then i will give you little info about it.

Dynamic tower is made by the founder and chairman of Dymanic Architecture Group, David Fisher, the one who proposed his idea at 2008. The main characteristic of this rotating tower is that it able to rotate independently. It can be 360 degree rotation every 90 minutes. What a cool biulding that you must come to see.

The trick behind this rotation by nearly 79 giant wind turbines which produce electricity to rotate all the floors. It can not rotate all the floor in the same time and same degree, but the fact that every floor will have different degree rotation from one to the other. So in the first time, Dynamic tower will have a form straight and sturdy as in general. Then by few minutes pass, this tower will show different shape, and will always move until the last 90 minutes which has irregular form like a rubic cube.

In built up this unique Dynamic tower, Fisher has inspire with Midtown Manhattan, his close friend’s  apartment during his visit there. Fisher said that he has a view of Hudson River and East River at the same time. And after saying those words, he start to admire its beauty the desiring to make people feel the same thing. Because he loves the idea of seeing the sun rise and set in the same room, so then he taught about the building to be four dimensional. And the most surprising fact that Fisher actually has never design a skyscraper before.

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