Temple of Heaven, Beijing -- China Most Existing And Ancient Sacrificial Building

Once you come to China, do not ever forget to visit Temple of Heaven. It is a park located at the Chongwen district, Beijing. At the previous time, this place was belong to emperor of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). By those great emperor, they usually held the Heaven Work-ship Ceremony in the middle of park’s yard. And now what become a certain pride for China is that Temple of Heaven is China’s largest and most representative existing masterpiece among China’s ancient sacrificial building.
It was officially opened to public at 1988 in which the building has a meaning to showing original ancient philosophy, history and religion of China. Many visitor come not only from local but also plenty from abroad to see the real story of ancient China in past. Moreover this park has grand architectural style and profound cultural connotation in which give an insight to the practices of the ancient Eastern civilization. Other reasonable thought for visitor should visit it that this park is larger than the Forbidden city, a famous park which called as “Son of Heaven”.

Temple of Heaven
In one area, this large park is still divided into few sub place that each on them become the Temple of Heaven’s part. The tour firstly pass Circular Mount Altar, actually is the Temple of Heaven practical sense that located in the southern part. You then will find another interesting building inside such as Lingxing Gates. After  exploring first part, the tour will pass Imperial Vault of Heaven that is a place housing the God’s tablet. Based from people around, here is famous with Echo Wall, Three Echo Stones and the Dialogue Stone. Then there is a legend bride called Danbi, in which the emperor believe that they could go to heaven through this bridge.
Not only those sight you can see, there are still some attractive part that each also has a story in the past. Just like Altar of Prayer God’s Harvest which shaped in a big palace, Palace of Abstinence, Divine Music of Administration, and the last is Heaven Work ship Culture. By those many great sights, you can spent your day with learning about China’s history through its outstanding buildings. Beside, do not ever miss to capture some photos with excellent view from the area. Or the best thing is attending some  celebrations such as a performance, ritual music and dance, and the ancient music show. For a performance, it has about 300 guard, so that better for you to enjoy the show.

Temple of Heaven At night Attraction

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