Finland Landscape - Summer and Winter Session View

Finland has beautifull of thosand lakes and islands which preciously about 188.000 lakes and 179.000 islands from all it districts. One of its lake called Saimaa, have the 5th rank of Europe’s biggest lake. I think that is a perfect pride in Europe land. Based on Finland geograph, it has many flatlands and few of hills and mountains. The landscape is dominated by pinery (approximately 68% from the vast land) and also little of arable land, beside its lakes. Finland include one of few countries in this world that is still growing, remebered that there still covered by naturally land. Because of Finland’s 1/3 area in theritory of northpole which is very cold and thick of snow sorrounded Finland, so it can be determined as subarctic climate which has only two climates, a very cold winter and a warm summer.

It can not be protested that the fact of all Finland’s landscape are pretty wonderfull views which should be explored. There are some possible reasons for us to come then explore it natural area since Finland povide a beautiful scenes on each region. Actually, Finland isn’t only have attractive natural tourism, but it also owns some best places in the town which certain interrest. And again, we are now talking about Finland amazing scene that unbeatable views. The example of Finland’s pretty scene relate with warm summers is:

Kimola, Finland’s summer landscape

In the summertime, Finland procude a sweet yellow grassland. Adds with many pinery tree which all look so fresh green shaped like a hills behind. The blue lake in the middle between the grassland and the hills is still very clean. All the united of its nature part, make the view more perfect. If you are there, make sure you take a photo together with your family since I think this beautiful memory is very suitable with family togetherness.

Kilpisjarvi, Finland’s fall landscape

As what i have mentioned before, Finland has a few interresting hills which we can do activities there like camping and hiking. The hill seems so blue in fall where doesn’t feel hot altough it in sunny day. Kilpisjarvi produce make yellow leaves on all the trees in fall. The additional thing that able to make it live is its calm blue lake. Even the lake has a reflection of the hills.

There is nothing wrong if you once visit beautiful landscape that may avoid you from the city business. Refresh your mind again by exploring Finland natural landscape which it serve you not only pretty amazing scene in the summer, but also try to see another beauty calm of winter, covered by thick snow, make the whole view more impressive to visit. Capture the precious moment there then show on your friends that you have visited a place like a real heaven.

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