Paris - Tourist Place In France

Who do not know about Paris, the capital and most popular city of French and also a metropolitan area which is one of the largest population center in Europe with more than 12 millions inhabitants. It’s an important settlement for more than two Milena. Paris has being the center of best art learning in Europe including and be the biggest city district in Western world. Things that make Paris be the one in Europe caused by its culture, education, entertainment, sains, media, and fashion. Paris also a house of association football club Paris-Saint like German FC and the rugby club Stade Francis.

Paris is an interesting for its top cu-liner, art center and literature. So i can conclude that this capital city of French, always inspiring thousand people around the world creating many arts like poem, paint, song etc, because they have influenced by the beauty of Paris. One of important art building that have been being a  primary symbol of Paris is Eiffel tower.  This cool tower with the height 300 meters from land surface, look very magnificent followed by the view of the city make it seems like a leader of town building. Moreover when it turn night, Eiffel tower gives you more and more impressive scenery with bright golden lamps lighten the whole part of the tower. This is the main reason why people desiring to visit Paris.

Paris is a town with so many art building which look classic and contains precious history values inside.  Some art buildings that you can choose as tourist note is likes ; Louvre Museum, A former French royal palace which now become the biggest museum in the world and the most famous in Paris. Here exhibit more than 35.000 best artworks which the famous one is Mona Lisa paint by Leonardo Da Vinci. Because of this, it become more known after used as filming; The second building is Grand Palais, a historical place also museum complex of exhibition hall. Today, Grand Palais become the prime place of show which a popular brand fashion show, Channel,  is held here; the third building is Les Invalids, another beautiful historical building that you shouldn't miss it when visiting Paris. It is special with all the monuments and buildings related with French history of military. Here also be the place of French kings’ tomb in previous age.

That is little info about Paris intersting building, now i’ll give you another  Paris attractive point which you should know before having nice trip to there such as Opera building, theatre, dance ball room, also cafe and restaurants. Many palces that you can enjoy there, but if you need to rest, just try some popular hotels in Paris like Pavillon Courcelles Parc Monceau Hotel, Concorde MontparnasseHotel, Hotel De La Motte Picquet, or Apostrophe hotel.
Paris is defenitely loved by people because they see it as romantic city. I do agree because Paris in the night really adorable. Together with person you loved, visiting Paris at night, is a good thoughts. Capture your best moments, enjoy all its beauty features then make your day feel exclusive.

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