Things to Do in Dublin Ireland - And Dublin Castle

Dublin, a capital city of Ireland which has the largest size of a city about nearly two million of the Greater Dublin Region. It is include be the visitors main concern of Ireland tourism. Many interesting tourist attractions, vibrancy and its nightlife which are noteworthy. The center of the city is a small district so can be navigated by foot while most of population there live in suburb only. Dublin city have experiment in some sectors like environment, transport, education, culture, etc.
Dublin Ireland
It has a vibrant nightlife and considered as one of Europe’s youthful cities. One example of the best known area for nightlife is Temple Bar which become popular place among the visitors, including stag and hen parties of Britain. Not only it, Dublin is a city where a live music is often played on the street, even it has successfully produce several international musician and groups. Then if you are a person of shopaholic person, so you are not wrong to choose this city to go shopping because, actually Dublin also be good alternative for shopping. Many districts with modern store are available here. Two best shopping districts that i know is around Grafton Street and Henry Street.

Things to Do in Dublin

In summer season, it become so crowded because many top attraction you can enjoy such as:
Guiness Storehouse or known as Guiness Hop Store, a form of Guinness pint with over seven floor surrounding atrium glass. This building give explaination of beer’s four ingredients and also interactive exhibit of responsible drinking. It also allow the visitor to drink the pint Guiness included in the price of admission.
For you who kind of art building, you can visit Dublin Castle. It has prominent role in Ireland’s history since its establishment in 1204. The State apartment is the most prestigious room in country and open for guided tours. Dublin Castle main function as a military fortress, a prison, treasury, etc.

Next is Kilmainham Gaol, a former of prison which now become a museum and be the largest unoccupied goals in Europe. You will be interest when coming here because it use audio visual show during the tour in the prison.

Walking through Dublin city, then you may find a music concert building there named National Concert Hall. The performance of its orchestras by RTE national Symphony  can absolutely pamper your ears. Moreover, there provide a lunchtime concert and retrial by many workers from nearby office buildings.

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