Travelling To The Monaco Grand Prix

If you are thinking of travelling to the Monaco Grand Prix then you will be probably landing in Nice International Airport near the beautiful Cote D’Azure.

From here it is just a short 30 minute taxi ride to Monaco, known as the playground of the rich for good reason. It is a tax haven and so attracts the Super Rich from across the World, and there are banks full of gold and diamonds, bullion and government bonds on every street.

The Super Rich wouldn’t be taking a taxi from Nice, they would take a helicopter down from the airport which takes just 5 minutes and enables the elite to swoop down into Monte Carlo in style.

The Monaco F1 Packages come in all shapes and sizes to meet the budgets of a wide variety of people from regular Joes to super stars and Jetsetters.

Everybody, from all walks of life, comes to Monaco and everyone enjoys the race from their own worlds…

Budget Travel to Monaco Grand Prix


Many people arrive at the Monaco Grand Prix by bus and camp in one of the dozens of campsites dotted along the French Riviera. They come for the race – but stay for the place, and make time to explore the beautiful towns and villages in France and Italy.

For those that prefer a hotel, there are plenty of grand prix packages that offer hotels just outside in Nice which are much more affordable.

Mid Range Monaco F1 Travel

If people’s budgets can stretch a little further, they might want to stay at a hotel inside Monaco and enjoy the race from the balcony of the Ermanno Palace Penthouse or choose GP packages that enable them to view the race from the deck of a luxury Monaco Yacht.

There are plenty of mid range 2014 packages and you can expect to pay about 2500+ euros per person for the race weekend.

Jet Set Monaco Grand Prix Travel

For those rich people where money is no object, this is what their Monaco Grand Prix Package includes:

  • Private Jet to Nice – probably from Biggin Hill if flying from England
  • Helicopter to Monaco – a smooth exhilarating 5 minute ride
  • Limo to 5 star Hotel Suite – how else can they be expected to travel (!)
  • Lunch for Two with a Bottle of Wine (1000 euros) – choice of 650,000 bottles in cellar
  • Private Yacht Hire ( 100,000 euros or more for a Super Yacht for the weekend)
  • VIP Table at the Amber Lounge (30,000 euros) – Party the night away with sporting heroes, film stars and pop legends
  • Cocktail Party with the Grimaldi Royal Family aboard the Royal yacht.
Whichever category you fit into, It is a once in a lifetime experience for many of us and it is well worth attending. It is the greatest F1 race in the World and Monaco itself is a real spectacle too. If you do come you will have some amazing memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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