Lake Bled Tourism and Vacations - Slovenia

As you know that island is a part of beautiful nature and one of the islands which gives you a best effect is the island of Slovenia is Lake bled. I really love it even though I don’t know about the country. You will feel calm at this place which is surrounded by the mountains, tasty food, mountains and good people. It is the popular gateway of Triglav national park. Let’s just talk about this lake.
Lake Bled
This Lake which is in Slovenia is enclosed by four countries which are Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria which hears awesome to me.  Beside this there is a hostel Celica which is in the capital city of Ljubljana, it is the place to stay for your vacation, in which you will get a very good experience. It contains a white church where people are still getting married which is in the middle of a green glacier lake with a caste between the Julian Alps. From the capital city of Slovenia Ljubljana it will take 75 minutes from train or by bus, and one of the good thing you should know about this that every half an hour buses v visit to the Slovenia which is the best planning to visit and if you want to arrive at the island you can take a boat which is called pletna boat which looks like a big wooden gondola.

 As early you have paid five Euros you will get the facility of parking which is next to the island for full day and you can start your day by enjoying and walking on the warm weather. People come here for different purposes like for jogging, picnicking, for staying and many more things but the main thing is that people enjoyed it and fully entertain by this place.
 One thing funny about this place that  in the midpoint of the lake you will find a Christmas tree which is on the wooden platform which looks very interesting because nobody knows that how it gets there and who cares about this thing who knows. Besides the lake you will find the chili restaurants and foods where you can enjoy the tasty food.

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