Ankara The Capital Of Turkey! Tourists Place

Confused in choosing a holiday destination abroad? it does not hurt you to come to turkey. turkey is a great country are included in the Eurasian region. turkey is also a country that many stores are quite beautiful natural scenery, not infrequently the tourists decided to come to the Turks in order to spend the holidays. one of the places that you can visit in Turkey was Ankara. This is one city that is also known as angora. Ankara city is also the capital of the state. as one of the most well known, Ankara has a lot to offer. in addition to the natural landscape, atmosphere and culture, the city also has several famous buildings should not miss while on vacation in there. This city also has many other Roman heritage sites nation, museums, and entertainment venues of interest in it, which was deliberately on offer to be seen directly by the public.

Ankara Main Sights

of the many entertainment sites and attractions of some of the best that we can go there is Atakule Tower, this is one of the towers with heights reaching 125 meters which is a communication tower. its unique and interesting to make some people interested to visit. in the tower also save a lot of entertainment includes Observation tower, Communications tower, shopping mall, and Restaurant. besides other places that we can visit is the Ankara Citadel, a historic castle fortress with typical Turkish building form. after some additional re-building and reconstruction, now it will also include some of the entertainment provided for visitors. in addition there is also a Roman Theater Ankara venues in Roman times, which is one of heritage. made of unique rocks, quite interesting to visit. another unique place you can go is the Roman Baths, the State Art and Sculpture Museum War of Independence Museum, and much more.
Ankara Night attraction


 Blue Mosques in Turkey

turkey is one of the countries that are majority Muslim society, not surprisingly the country has a number of mosques in some areas, some mosques are also located in ankara. Sift the mosque agac, Ahi Elvan, Ahi Yakup, Aslanhane (Ahi Serafettin), Cenab-i Ahmet Pasa, Alaaddin, Cicekcioglu, Direkli, Eskicioglu, Hacettepe, Haci Arap, Haci Bayram, Ibadullah, Karacabey, Kocatepe, Kursunlu, Tabakhane, Tacettin and Zincirli. place of worship for Muslims also constructed a variety of sizes, decorations, and interesting shapes and beautiful. like the travelers who are Islamic, you do not need to worry for worship because there is sufficient number of mosques.

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