Gold Coast Spend Summer Vacation, Australia

What is inside your mind when we talk about a beach? A white sands, clear wear sea, rolling wave? Just imagine how precious we can spend a long day in a favorite beach in summer time, definitely has successful persuade our mind to step this feet, then running to our dream beach. Australia do has our dream beach. It is located at south east of Queensland, Australia in which be the second most popular city in the state, and also be the most non-capital city in Australia. This dream beach is called as Gold Coast.
Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is considered officially then grows significantly for visitors, after the establishment of the hotel Surfers Paradise in late 1920’s. It is also become the second most popular local government after City of Brisbane. Since the Gold Cost nowadays has been known by people around the world as one of favorite beach tourism in Australia, it also be skyline, theme park, nightlife and, rainforest hinterland which is be a significant industries.
Gold Coast
Why do you think it called as Gold Coast? It may because the coast is very clean and look yellow if we capture from above. Can you see inside the picture where the sand’s line of the coast is really straight as cute curving ruler with adds the beauty zig zag lines of its low waves. And followed by the second high waves caused by the motion of fresh air there. In a day, the air blow slowly raises fresh air so it’s very suitable for sunbathing in which you still feel the fresh air although doing some activity under the sun likes surfing or playing along the coast for children.

How about spending my weekend holiday by enjoy Gold Coast’s pretty scene in the morning where the air is still fresh, specially together with family. The hotels are standing appropriately overlooking toward the sea such a brave coast guard. The shadow sometimes shade in some part of place in the coast. It may allow us to relax in the shade accompanied by amazing sea scene.
 Gold Coast Australia 
 Look how cool its city arrangement in which a citizen couplet with sea water so it is look like a lake in middle of city. It can also said as a tidy garden arrangement. Very good place to be visited, moreover it provides many hotels along the coast. Can you see a yard of nature built there? If I visit it, surely I will explore every beauty  provides there start with enjoy the beach, happy surfing, enjoy the views then stayed at hotel which is directly facing far to the ocean. 

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