Dubai Tower Cool Pictures To beat All Towers

Dubai    Dubai is the popular city for its tallest buildings and towers. Currently the Burj Khalifa is the most tallest building in the world, its shape also same as tower. Burj AL Arab is also a beautiful building on an artificial island the shape of a ship. Dubai tower is an 45 floor building located in Dubai UAE which construction is completed in the year 2009.
Dubai has rapidly advanced from a desert city to a splendid metropolis. It has now become a city with giant shopping malls, awe-inspiring sky scrapers, best luxurious hotels and fascinating places to visit. The city has stolen several honors and awards from rest of the world. It is the city with the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands the largest man-made island and is also home to the only 7-star hotel in the world which is known by the name of Burj Al Arab. Arabs have always been known to be lavish and showing off their strength and wealth, but when it comes to Dubai there is no parallel to this city in the world.

Dubai is a wonderful city of UAE night buildings attractions
Dubai Tower
Burj Khalifa the world tallest building
Dubai has many tall structures. It appears that the companies are competing against each other to create the tallest building and many have managed to create giant structures that are a wonder for rest of the world. One example of them is the Dubai Towers which stands at an impressive height of 210m. Although this building might have been one of the tallest in its time, but in the race of creating mega structures this building has been left behind in dust. In a city with buildings as high as 400m this sky scraper is considered relatively small.  Nevertheless the Dubai Tower has an impressive structure. It has a total of 45 floors. Designed by Gulf Engineering & Consultants, this building is an example of the breath-taking and elegant architecture that Dubai is so famous for.  The construction of the building was completed in 2009 and since then it has been a source of wonder and amazement for all the sight seers who visit Dubai.
Dubai Tower Amazing Tower
Dubai is a truly extraordinary city. If you ever go to Dubai you would surely have your breath taken away by all the giant structures and awe-inspiring architecture of the buildings there. You would never forget your experience of visiting Dubai. The sights and sounds of this city have the power to stay with you forever. This metropolis is the best example of what humans can accomplish when they put their mind to it.
Tallest Tower in Dubai
Dubai Towers Dubai a candle shape four buildings complex the project which cancel now.
Burj Khalifa Tower


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