Toronto The Most Extensive City of Canada

Canada is one country that is quite popular with the cold air, in the winter. but actually if we pay more attention to this country, Canada actually have several interesting places to visit. filled holiday in country of origin of Justin Bieber, one can even become an interesting experience for us. This country also has a very large city, called Toronto. not an ordinary tourist town, but Toronto is one of the capital in Canada, which has the most extensive area there. This city also save a lot of interesting things that can be enjoyed and seen in it, to be one of good destination to choose this city.

Things To Do Canada Toronto

Become one of the largest city, Toronto has many things to be seen and also a lot of things to be done. mostly be some sights that deliberately to attract more tourists coming there. and some things we can do while there covering the show came to a place known as the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts and The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre. where is commonly used for a variety of performances such as Ballets, Operas, Performances and Theaters. besides this place we can go to any educational site as Le Dolci Foodie Studio. so we will also have the experience and knowledge to produce something creative. Another place that offers the beauty of nature, you can go to Toronto Island Park or High Park. not only beautiful natural scenery, there is also a zoo inside. also Edwards Gardens, The AGO Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Roy Thomson Hall and many more sites where we can go, while filling vacation time there.

 Canada Toronto

 Canada Toronto

Famous Restaurants in Toronto Canada  Where you Eat Sweet Dishes

One more advantage of the city of Toronto is quite interesting to note, that on the menu of food served and the variety of places to eat are provided. for tourists of course where to eat is one thing that is important, therefore we need to eat a good reference point and interesting. such as CN restaurant located above the CN tower. certainly an interesting thing to enjoy a delicious meal on a high tower with a beautiful view of the city. No more are also built on the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal Royal Ontario Museum, a restaurant that is no less luxurious and attractive, known as Restaurant Lounge dine. Another place that is also quite interesting and a place where celebrities usually eat, you can go to a restaurant The Roof Lounge. to name a few other restaurants that also could be an additional option, there Cheesewerks, Pan on the Danforth, Aria Ristorante, Kultura and Mideastro Yorkville.

The Roof Lounge
Aria Ristorante

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