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Thailand is one country that has traction in a large enough field of tourism. make one vacation destination to this country is probably the right choice pliers, because there you will find a lot of things, not just a knowledge of the culture of Thailand is very strong in society, but also got a new reference to tourist sites in it. Thai or Thailand society also known as friendly and nice, they have a very strong cultural beliefs, that they apply to, and we can see directly from the shape of the building, the behavior of people and a lot of things. another one that is a tourist attraction in Thailand which is the goal many foreign tourists come there is a wealth of beaches. most beaches there, open to the public and offered to be one of the tourist attractions that can be visited.

Thailand Beaches Names and Attractions on Offer

Thailand Beach Vacations
Ao Nang is the name of one of the beaches also offer sea views are simply gorgeous, and offers scuba diving activities, and dive sites, access to the beach is also quite easy. You can find it in Krabi Province, Thailand. in addition there is also another well-known beaches, namely Cha Am. was is a beach with a natural ambience and surroundings are decorated with various temples. some temples there is one Charoen Rat Tham Temple, Temple Chaeng Nong, Nong Ta Phot Mrigadayavan Palace Temple also there as a factor supporting the appeal of this beach. for a place that offers a view sunset and the most beautiful sunrise in thailand, you can visit the beach Haad Rin. where the beach is located on the south end of town Ko Pha Ngan. besides the largest island in Thailand also offers a view of the beach that are not less beautiful as the one on top. The beach is Ko Phi Phi Don, the place is even known to be very beautiful and could be a place to shoot movie titled the beach.


Although it is not an island nation, Thailand has quite a lot of beaches are very beautiful and natural, almost every beach there has its own attractiveness, ranging in terms of sea water, air, atmosphere, sand and spacious place, every place has a different mix, Part of the beach was dotted with ocean color green, some are blue, some have the waves are big, some are small, talking about the air, this is a relative thing, sometimes in one of the cooler air at night, or more windy in the afternoon. atmosphere also produced in several different beaches, one can induce a romantic, fun, or a quiet atmosphere.

Thailand beaches

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