Hong Kong International Airport And Airline

Hong kong is one of a fairly well-known name in the People's Republic of China, or better known as the PRC. in the area, therefore is not only save a lot of appeal, there too there is an airport which is quite famous. local residents and some people may recognize this as the name of the airport Chek Lap Kok Airport. not just an ordinary airport, the reason why the airport is quite well known is that this is a very broad, and it is one place that has also been used for a long time. Chek Lap Kok Airport is an international airport which has operated since 1998, and is still well used.

 Hong kong airport


Other than the use of a place long enough, the place is also one of the busiest places in hong kong. it is not surprising given the capacity that can be accommodated in a place that reaches 45 million people. it does not include a lot of cargo or aircraft that can be disposed of there, at least there are about 3 million tonnes of cargo capacity capable at this airport. when viewed from the wider area, this place was built on an island that is quite large, with a broad reach 12.48 km ², which has the same name as the name of this airport. after several repairs passenger capacity and plenty of cargo and the real, runways for aircraft were also built more and more. where ever in the sequence as a top ten busiest airports in the world, but it's also the airport serves more than 150 countries around the world for the purpose of departure and arrival destination.


Of many of the buildings here, some of the things on offer there is a Terminal, as the airport bus that take tourists from the airport to a specific place, North Satellite Concourse, Midfield Concourse, Cathay Pacific City, the head office of Hong Kong Airlines is on Level 2 of the CNAC House. and for some purposes can be served from the airport, there are about 88 countries with more than one terminal in some countries. in addition to offering some of the facilities on board, and also at the airport. hongkong also have access to land to be heading straight to the airport, the road is built with multiple access road vehicles such as buses, cars, Ferry, Rail and Taxi. to further facilitate, also provided an airport hotel that is located not far from the airport.
 Hong kong airport

 Hong kong airport

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