Beijing china At Night view

In every corner of the earth’s region always has its own unique as main attraction. Wherever it is, no matter noon or night, in city, village, around beach, desert area, even in a place which the surface covered by ice. The sun always comes up giving warm to the earth and also providing lights to reveal its natural beauty. It beauty is a gift from God for human to use and utilize half of its part in order to fulfill their daily needs.

You all must be agree with my opinion that each of our town look very beautyful in daytime with the help of sun light. But I also do like the situation of my town in the night bacause, in that time all the colourful lamps will burning bright like a stars. And now I think the light of the stars still less beautyfull if compared with sparkling city lights
Night view of Beijing china 
Few days ago I search on the internet and look closely about Beijing town which located in China. Yeah although I got it through the help of internet access then know it, actually the beauty of this city together with its culture, is really interesting to observed especially for those who kind of traveling. And the most impressive thing is the fame of Beijing at night. So, will you ask why? Of course I have the answer that can persuade you.

Beijing china At Night

Whenever I remember the word “Beijing”, the first thing comes up within my mind is its Chinese typical ornaments with some kingdom’s symbols such as dragon statues, bamboos of nature, a very clean and tidy garden, the monks, etc. True Beijing is a town with all everything which also modern. Haha.. It seems like on the picture above, about how China town situation at night in which make you and me perfectly feel comfort to stay there since its adorable view that able to hypnotize us till fall in love with Beijing.

Beijing china At Night

So many bulidings standing firm corroborate the modernism from china town itself. Road seems crowded filled with vehicles pass fast so reveal lines lit path caused by the lamps of those vehicles. Almost all the buildings there shine a bright golden yellow. Even I think the sky is lighten by the light of Beijing’s lamps, not from the moon or stars. Beijing at night as never sleep, not like us that should take a break for sleep.

Beijing china At Night

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