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Who do not know about Dubai,? A popular city in United Arab Emirates which has very hot weather that able to heat your body temperature same as 5 hours sunbathing preciously under the sun. That modern lifestyle almost equal with New York city’s business, have own beauty and attractive features on many sectors as follows industrial, economic, tourism, etc. Remember that Dubai nowadays has become trend topic of holiday plan for a week by all people from each world corner, you should try to figure out about some good tourism there that may suitable on your wish.

After goes traveling, enjoy every corner of Dubai city from one place to another til tiring the body, then will need a place for rest very much. Here i have a brilliant idea of interesting hotel that may make you feel comfortable to stay there for more than a day. It’s reclaimed as artificial island The Palm which the first resort built based on the myth of Atlantis distinct Arabian elements, called Atlantis Hotel.

Atlantis Hotel
The resort has two accommodation wings, also referred as The Royal towers, consisting of the East and the West tower which both linked together by Royal Bridge Suit. The main features is, that this resort always use Arabian decoration style inside. it able accommodate 1.500 guestrooms and suits completed by exclusive service and private club lounge by the view of Arabian Sea or The Palm of Dubai skyline.
Atlantis Hotel dubai
I say it a brilliant idea of one of the most interesting luxury hotel that need to be visited more than a single day because it shows a wonderful water slide attraction for children and adult. We will served by water slide show which has 2-3 kilometers water slide consisting of rides with cascades, tidal waves and rapid. The most attractive attraction is The Lost Chamber, the Mesopotamian  styled Ziggurat temple reaching over 30 meters into the sky and featuring seven water slide with catapult riders through shark filled lagoons. Atlantic Hotel also have  hectares of dolphin education together with the spectacular show, and surely allowed the visitors to learn all about dolphins life closely.
Atlantis Hotel
The restaurant I know here serve some kinds with different type likes Japanene chuiness in which using Asian style, sushi bar and a wooden burning oven. Created by Nobu Matsuhisa, A master chef comes from Japan, then named it as Nobu restaurant. Second is Ronda Locatelli, a charm of Italian Countyside wiht the modereity of Duabi, created by Giorgio Locatelli. The last is Rostang, created by Michelle Rostang that over breakfast, lunch and dinner in French style completed with French patisserie.
Who doesn’t attracted with those impressive offers althought only staying for one night? We will  never feel bored since Atlantis Hotel always give us a hundred choice to help release load for a day.
Interior view of Atlantis Hotel

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