Sydney Opera House Interior - Design And Condition Seems Perfect

Opera house is a place of where opera show is held, which has be the popular entertainment since 1994. Commonly, opera house is designed as dramatic as possible in order to help creating certain atmosphere when the show is going. It’s very important to pay attention to every detail of the furniture's start from the stage, seat arrangement, and the room’s theme. All those points should be thought well , so as the opera house condition seems perfect. I think, a good interior is a precise room structure arrangement. If it’s like that, even the interior can give additional encouragement in which the spectators can feel the show deeply.

There are some variety ways in determining a good stage. A stage is the prime important thing that should be thought firstly since it become focus point of the spectators toward the course of the show. On early of opera house model, always using standard type of stage which has rectangle shape. Although only has limited shape, but it is wide enough for some player’s movement. Another shape is half round with purpose to give close impression between the player who do monologue with the spectator.

Opera House Interior
During the time, the stage has undergoes change drastically.  From standard type with only has rectangular and half round shape, now a modern opera house stage can be wider. I mean wider here isn’t only has one area, but it may also has stratified stage.  On the other side, big two stairs addition is possible to used, so that players can move freely. Moreover the main function of those big stairs as additional way to make the show more live.
opera house interior
 After concerning on the stage, the second is the seat arrangement for the spectators. If it about ordinary music live stage, it is no need seat arrangement with special structure. While opera house seat is more different. Opera house seat is arranged structural well. Has one or more rows of seat group and also added  with another seat on the upper side, precisely in wall side surrounding the room. This structure allow the spectator can enjoy the show easily although from above. 

 And the last is about room’s theme. Opera that’s really concern about classic royal’s style or more tend to Elisabeth’s style era, it may influence how the room’s theme is decided. Some of opera upper wallpaper style always use condition of royal style with main purpose is to create the real royal atmosphere. Even sometime this connect with the show’s story which is use to critic the badness or royal reign at that time.
The development of opera house has also in fluent its theme which now, almost all opera house use modern theme which no more royal style. A modern opera house now give more priority on splendor and beauty. Other way to make it look modern is, by using gold lightning which depict a fame circumstances of the room.
opera house interior

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