Langkawi Malaysia Wonderful City of Malaysia

Langkawi Malaysia is the name of one of the quite beautiful in Malaysia. langkawi is also a tourist spot with high appeal to invite many tourists from abroad. of course, as a tourist, langkawi has an added value for the offer, it is a natural beauty. Malaysia as a country that is not shaped island nation, offering the biggest island as a tourist destination. langkawi is not only a beautiful island, but there is a largest island in Malaysia, and has a history that is quite memorable in it. Regardless of the history of the island is also a place rich with natural resources. can also be said to be one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia.

Things To Do in Langkawi Malaysia

As a tourist there are many things we can do over there, some of it can be a game, or any other interesting things. one of the cool things we can do during a vacation there include trying Cable Car & Skybridge. This is a bridge that can go through with hanging up the car is quite unique. offers breathtaking views from the top of the air enough, pretty fun and worth the try but it is also there Langkawi Underwater World. as the name suggests, the site will offer stunning underwater scenery. gentleness in about 200 acres of land, where it is a major attraction langkawi island. Another thing we can do is go to Langkawi Sunset Cruise. there we can hire or try to climb a ship around the ocean while looking at the sunset. atmosphere and the scenery there certainly could be one of the exciting and unforgettable
langkawi malaysia
Sights To See

A lot to offer as well it is certainly a lot more that can be viewed. such as the one we get to visit some of the following places that offer sight to be seen and enjoyed very pleasing, one of which is the Kilim River Nature Park, this is the name of the mangrove forest with views of the surrounding nature is no less beautiful with the others, there are also species of flora and fauna are beautiful and attractive. any other place that is also quite interesting to go is a place of worship, namely Al-Hana Mosque. This mosque has a structure that is unique to the shape of the onion-shaped domes made ​of gold. is one of the largest mosques in the island.
langkawi malaysia

langkawi malaysia
langkawi Malaysia Map

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