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Alaska SnowAlaska snow is one thing that is the main attraction in Alaska. if you are a person who likes snow, Alaska may be one of the countries that you can visit. Does it's something that very interesting for some people. Scenery and atmosphere of the winter, although cold, has become quite popular situation for some people. Not only the winter holidays, people came there in part also because this place has enough charm and tourist attractions. And one of the attraction is the snow, when winter arrives Alaska known as the cold temperatures that reached tens of degrees below zero. Temperatures so cold which would not only cause
a variety of frozen river, but also produces its own beautiful scenery. it also is attracting more tourists to come during the winter to just enjoy the scenery there and also enjoy the attractions offered. 
 Alaska Snow
Sights To See in Alaska

not in thought, the atmosphere snow covered all the beautiful scenery, because such an atmosphere can actually create its own beauty. The scenery that we can see when it snows in Alaska include enjoying the mountain scenery. Certainy not much snow mountain that we can find in our daily lives, unless we live in a country. Satisfied with all viewed we can go skiing there. Mountain scenery will also look more amazing when we look at it from a helicopter while touring the area. If you are lucky enough you will also be able to find some snow bears there, or you can also find other wild animals that live there. Of course it adds to the amazing experience of your life. And besides what you can see is the aurora. View of the sky that appear only once in a while you can see the current circumstances. Of course, if you're lucky enough.

Alaska Climate

As a place of snow, it has centered climate of the Pacific Ocean. The climate, producing temperatures during the winter, it was warm and the temperature in the summer is cooler. To the highest temperature of the air in the month of January to June reached 29.2 degrees F till 60.9 degrees F, while the lowest temperature reached 16.7 degrees F to 46.3 degrees F. In the winter snow, especially in February, the thickness can reach 54.9 inches when the snow rain, while the normal thickness can only reach 5 inches.
Alaska Snowmobile
 heavy Snow

Alaska Snow bear

Alaska Snow settlement

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