Beautiful Ireland Natural Beauty

Ireland, is an island of north-west of continental Europe which is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest island in the world. Politically, It is divided into two separate parts that is covers five-sixths of the island as Republic of Ireland, and the other side is a part of United Kingdom which located in the north-east of the island, called as Northern Ireland. It’s population approximately about 6.4 million inhabitant. That amount is also separated of under 4.6 million inhabitant live in Republic of Ireland, while over 1.8 million left live in Northern Ireland.
 Ireland Natural Beauty
It surely has a develop cultures, especially in the field of literature, science and education. Some of ireland characteristics culture are exists, as expressed for exmaple through Gaelic games, Ireland’s music and the Ireland’s language.It's culture is also has many features shared with Great Britain, as follows English Language and sports including football association, rugby, horse racing, ice hockey and golf.
 Ireland landscape view
In culture side, especially art, it has produced four winner of the Nobel Prize of Literature. Its modern literature is often connected with its rural heritage. Other famous culture of Ireland is its sport  with ice hockey which has seen an increase of popularity. Notably with the Belfast Giant ice hockey team in Northern Ireland. Even it also produce two World Snooker Champions.
Beautiful Ireland

It has three World Heritage Sites in the island : the Bru Na Boinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant Causeway. Some of the other place still on tentative list, just like Burren, the Ceide Fields and Mount. Stewart. There are some places which be the most visited by visitor such as Bunratty Castle, the Rock of Cashel, the Cliff of Moher, Holy Cross Abey, and Blarney Castle. There another else important monastic sites which is maintained as national monument in the Republic of Ireland include Glenda lough and Clonmacnoise.
Beautiful Ireland

  Dublin is the most heavily tourist region and home of several of the most popular attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse and Book of Kells. And also another popular tourists destination include Lakes of Killarney, and the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry and Connemara and the Aran Island in County Gal way.
After the ice age, Ireland was isolated from mainland Europe by the rise of sea water level so that leave various of flora and fauna. There are approximately 55 mammals species, but only 26 land mamals species considered belong to native of Ireland.

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