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Sail building is the name that we often use to describe a building that has a shape that looks like a sail on the ship. This case we describe a building Sail name because the shape of this building is quite unique and interesting to be categorized, and we are not easy to find it in any place. You can only find these types of buildings in several countries around the world. Advantages of this building other than a unique, sometimes built to tourist destinations such as hotels, malls, restaurants and much more. To listen more names Sail building and where you can find it, here is the explanation.

1. Burj Al Arab
The first building that has a shape like a sail building, in a three-dimensional version is the Burj Al Arab. This is the name of one of the best hotels in Dubai. as one of the five star hotels, Burj Al Arab also has exterior design and interior decoration of buildings are very luxurious. it is also one plus for this hotel to be the best there.
Sail building
 2. Marina Bay
 Unique and quite magnificent buildings are included in the category of sail building, which you can find next, in the country Singapore. Countries offering cleanliness and also known by the magnificent building, also has a building based on an elite lodging shaped like a sail on the ship which was built tall, reaching 70 floors with no less luxurious decor of the hotel Dubai. This lodging known as the Marina Bay. Also known as the apartments and the highest lodging in Singapore.

3. Spinnaker Tower
 Besides based as lodging, several other buildings constructed on the basis of a tower. As well as the Spinnaker Tower. This is a tower Portsmouth Harbour that can be found in Portsmouth, England. Form of the tower was selected and designed by Scott Wilson with the support of local residents. Although it has a shape that looks like a sailing ship, but no one has the same shape of the three buildings mentioned above. Spinnaker Tower at a height of 170 meters (560 feet) and is dominated by white color.

4. Vela Hotel
 One another inn that also included in the category of sail building is a classy hotel in Barcelona. Known as the Hotel W Barcelona or Vela Hotel, has a draft design that is wider than all the buildings mentioned above. Built on the beach of the beautiful and designed with 473 rooms, 67 suites are very luxurious in support with all the facilities and requirements are complete.

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