Burj Khalifa World Tallest Tower Inside Attraction

Dubai as one of the most populous cities in the Arab emirate and is considered as one of the city were quite luxurious, it is not surprising that many of the buildings have magnificent in it. certainly some magnificent luxury buildings can be one of the attractions that the city is included in the arab emirate to become one of the tourist destinations. of the many places that offer as one tourist destination there is a tower known as the Burj Khalifa. This is a very high tower with a shape that is quite unique. not only that, the tower has been the design of building structures that created humans, the highest in the world. khalifa buildings, called skyscrapers, it has reached the height of 829.8 m (2.722 ft).

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Burj Khalifa Inside View
Not only awesome on the outside, the tallest building in the world is on the inside has a variety of things for the offer. ranging from lodging in the form of apartments and classy hotel with five-star level to restaurants, malls, business suites, offices, parks and much more. to be able to better satisfy all visitors and customers who come burj khalifa has also been designed to lift the world's fastest elevators. of course it is in need to attain high levels, which is very high. not just a few, but the lift is also quite a lot available for everyone to use. of course it is equal to the number of rooms and public areas are on offer in it. of the many spaces which provide everything also has an interior design that is interesting and unique. look luxurious yet elegant and modern.

Sequence Floors in Burj Khalifa

The first time you enter the building, at the base of course is a large parking area, which is available for the visitors want any staff. parking area is made in 2 floors located at the base. for the Concourse, ground, to step on the floor 1 to 8 is used for the inn is known as name Armani. slightly up on the 9th floor to the 16th floor in is a place for Armani Residences. to the upper floors is the place to Mechanical. on the 19th floor till the 37th floor is still used for Armani Residences. and for the three upper floors have been built for the Armani Hotel suites and Mechanical. on the 43rd floor Sky Lobby used to. for floors 47-72 in use for Residential, and the rest is up to 160 floors up on the contents of the Sky Lobby, Residential, Corporate suites, At.mosphere restaurant, At the Top observatory, Communication and broadcast, with in some floor equipped with floor for Mechanical.
burj khalifa inside

burj khalifa inside

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