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The Great Pyramids at Giza offer the best place for tourism and is incomparable to any other site in the whole wide world. They are the symbol and most associated with the country Egypt itself. Since the completion of the pyramids, these have been a source of magnet for many archaeologists, historians and tourists out there.

There are more than 100 pyramids in Egypt, many of them still undiscovered. Many of them are situated right at the neighbor of the City of Cairo which is at the southern side of the river Nile. However the world only knows about the one Wisest pyramid which is at the south and is built by Ahmose who founded the 18th Dynasty and also the latest Egypt’s New Kingdom. It was the last royal pyramid that was built in Egypt.

With the reign of Djoser, and the beginning of the 3rd dynasty, the pyramids started constructing. There are kings like Snefru who built more than one pyramid during their era. The later Kings began to hide their tombs in the hills of the Western Bank of Luxor.

The pyramids were built as the tombs for the Pharaohs of Egypt and one cannot think of any reason as to why the Egyptians Kings use a triangular shaped building as their Tomb. Egyptians used to believe that the lives emerge from the Benben which pyramid was shaped stone found in the earliest pyramids. They also connected their tombs to their god Re, the Sun God, who according to them will rise from the primeval mound to create life. 

The size and shape of the pyramids was entirely dependent upon the Pharaohs of that age. It was the symbol of their power, strength and glory and hence they kept on making it bigger. But the largest ones were the Great Pyramids at Giza. 

The first ever pyramid that was made in Egypt was Djoser which was the most basic and simpler structure of the pyramid. The sides were stepped and the top was shortened by a flat surface. AT Meidum, the first smooth sided pyramid was built after remaking it again and again and learning from their previous mistakes.  
The pyramid shape was soon adapted by the royalty and they were made into a min central pyramid, a courtyard at the surroundings, a mortuary temple, a smaller cult pyramid for the soul of the king, a causeway that led to the down valley temple and also an enclosure wall. 

Egypt Pyramids

Egypt Pyramids

Egypt Pyramids



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