Seychelles An Exciting Tourists Place, In Indian Ocean

One of the best white sand beach with clear blue color of the water, so Seychelles is accepted idea. Seychelles including a group of 115 island country spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, northeast of the island of Madagaskar. If you are going to spend a day here, then you must be a lucky person. Because Seychelles actually still uninhabited and also rare of visitor. Beside here you will find the real Mother Nature which everything are still fresh and absolutely spoiled you by nature.

Seychelles Islands
All features that you need are already served completely. Start with special spa and treatment, especially for you who include young couple, self catering that ready to serves you variety local food with special flavor, a charming Creole guesthouse similar it 5 start hotels and exclusive  retreat to offer memorable view, many type hotel start with small, medium and large size, even the villas there also exciting to be occupied.

Seychelles One of the best place for tourists

The main interest of Seychelles, of course, its white sand beach. Too beautiful to say in a word, except you can feel its real atmosphere yourself. The water is definitely clear and blue, so that fun to swim there, coupled with clarity water so you can see the natural beauty of underwater. Actually when you have a plan to visit Seychelles, all times of the year are good, but the best time is about April to October because its a period of calm between the trade produce fairly warm and wind-free condition.  Furthermore, they will held an interesting festival named SUBIOS Underwater in which one of Seychelles showcase.
Seychelles Beach attraction
Seychelles Honeymoon destination

Seychelles Hotels
There are other festival like Kreol Festival which only held every October. While for the even, you can join an international sailing event named The Seychelles Sailing Cup which held on January. All of those are really fun. But for simple activity that you can do there are include Bird-watching, which you see many various species of birds. Then try hiking/walks and trail in which require visitor to pleasantly explore Seychelles natural ecosystem. Meanwhile for the activities relate with the beach are include diving, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, surfing and windsurfing.

Seychelles Resorts

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  1. I heard this beautiful place, the white sand beach, in Madagascar but never been able to visit so far. My friends are planning to go here this summer and were able to visit this place sooner. Seychelles, one of the best photos here. Thanks for this informative summer place!

    Sebastian Chuter



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