Putra Masjid, In Malysia 'Persian Architectures' Wonderful Design

Putra Masjid, it is the most important Masjid of Putrajaya, Malaysia. In year 1997 the construction of the Masjid began and in two years it was completed. It is situated beside to Perdana Putra where houses of Prime Minister’s offices and with that it contain Putrajaya Lake which is man-made. It contains pink dome with rose shaded grey, it contains 15,000 people adorer at one time. The bottom wall of the Masjid is looking alike King Hasan Masjid which is in Casablanca, the city of Morocco.
Putra Masjid
This Masjid contains three main working areas, prayer hall, courtyard or lawn. Its prayer hall is very beautiful and very simple. By 12 columns it is supported. If we measure the biggest point lower the dome and above the ground level point is about 250 feet. It lawn is embellished with water decoration along with corridors which provides to give a big welcome and a beautiful place for prayer. Its lovely dome is esteem by the design of Sheikh Omar Masjid, which is in Baghdad. It is about 116m tall minarets in the area. And has five levels, which tells about five pillars of Islam.

 As I told about that beside that it contains lake. If you want to see lake from all around so you can take a kayak on rent which is a sailing region on the lake. One important thing is that, if you want to go for this activity, the best time is that when the weather is cooled down. Persian architectures are so much impressed by this masjid especially the entrance that they make the similar gate to the building in Persia. After visiting the masjid the favorite spot for people is Lake. You can also feed the fishes too, for that bread crumbs are available. If you want to visit here transport is also available by train car and bus. If you are traveling in car, it takes only 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur.
Putra Masjid Fantastic Attraction
Over all it is a very beautiful place to visit. In Malaysia it is one of the best tourist’s attractions. From it’s above to below, this Masjid is very elegant, marvelous and awesome.

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