Mada'in Saleh, A Historical Place In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country that has a lot to offer. Most people don’t realize its worth in the tourism industry because the common concept about the country is that it’s a Muslim sacred place. No doubt Muslims travel from all over the world to visit Makah and Medina for pilgrimage but apart from these two cities there is a lot to do and see in Saudi Arabia. If you ever go to this country you can try some of the local recipes, visit fascinating resorts in deserts, shop in the large malls and also visit places that have some historical significance. One of these places is Mada'in Saleh.
Madain Saleh
Mada'in Saleh is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia and is also called “The Capital of Monument” because the site consists of numerous monuments.  The name “Mada'in Saleh” means the City of Saleh. So a common misconception among people is that the city is located on the land where the Prophet Saleh was sent to guide the people. The truth is this place has nothing to do with the God’s Prophet. Sheikh Hamad Aljaseer wrote an article for the Arab Magazine to correct this wrong concept. Moreover some old maps also prove that Prophet Saleh’s real city is located somewhere near Moghira. The real history of the city is that it was developed during the Nabataeans era. It was later ruled by Romanians, Ottomans and finally by the Saudi regime. The history of the place is quite rich and several monuments from the different eras could still be seen in the present day city.
Mada'in Saleh Historical place

If you are planning to take a vacation in the desert of Saudi Arabia then make sure you take out at least one day to visit this enchanting city. You can learn a great deal about the history and culture of the place. You can see the burial grounds of the people from bygone era which has been arranged in the order of the financial and social statuses of the families. If you get a guide then he can show you around and also tell you interesting facts about all the places you visit.
Mada'in Saleh

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