Cathedral Florence A 'Historycal Place' Largest Church, In Italy

Florence Cathedral, or also known as Duomo is a result of the years and covered over six centuries of history. Its basic architectural project was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the13th century. In English this outstanding building called Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower. It its one of Italy largest churches, and until development of new structural material in the modern era, the dome was largest in the world. Moreover, what makes visitor interest of it is that Florence Cathedral include UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, thousand people come to see this incredible church every year.
Cathedral Florence Night time Attraction
If it’s compared with the roof of houses around, Florence Cathedral has bigger size with 153 meters length, and 114.5 meters height. This church is quite giant and surely decorated by beautiful exterior and interior. So its a good idea for you to visit this place while learning Italy’s worth history. The exterior look of the church is full of square decoration which similar with thousand window. On the main door, there are some human statues look as the guard of the church. Meanwhile, the interior side has more spectacular view must to see. It seems quite large and magnificent with also accompanied by some parallel coumns along the way.

In a one building, Florence Cathedral is divided only into some part that become most interest sight. The main part is the dome. It is the largest dome of the world. At the top there is a lantern, while the dome itself is made of inner shell of bricks with herringbone patterns and a horizontal stones chain. The second sight is the bell tower called Campanile. The colorful facade is clad with green, pink, and white Tuscan marble. By this tower, allow visitor to see the whole magnificent view of the city. The third sight is Baptisery, one of Florence oldest building and predates the cathedral. The the last sight to see is named Museo Dell’Opera Del Duomo, a museum that dedicated to the history of construction of Cathedral Florence.

Cathedral Florence Interior view

Cathedral Florence

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